Facebook Homepage

The boredom of Facebook and bad design

It was in the mid 1990’s, I was working at a digital design studio, the web was relatively small and I recall in a search for the next cool web thing, I landed on an intriguing landing page. It was terribly designed, (awful in fact) clearly designed by a developer, and had very little information about what it actually was.
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Dumb Phone

Just the phone please

Yesterday Apple announced it’s new bigger iPhones. The Xs, Xs Max and the Xr. In a move that continues their trend away from smaller tech, Apple just makes everything bigger.
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Andy Bassford

Designing an album for a Reggae Guitar Legend

Here is a story about how I met a reggae guitar legend, took some guitar lessons from him, and then finagled my way to design his reggae album.
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Clients are from Venus and Agencies are from Mars

A few insights into how clients and agencies can understand each other a little better, so that the process can improve and the end result is that much better.
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Akamai Self Assessment Test

What is a brand?

You have used the word brand. You know what it means. Right?
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Everyone is a designer.

I recently read an article “Everyone is a designer. Get over it. ” and it got me thinking. The statement is true, but only in part. In the same way these statements are true.
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Web design never existed, so it can’t die.

How do I know? Because I was there in the beginning of the digital design era. I grew up on the so called “wave” of innovation-I created the new digital design era and built websites seen by millions of people.
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A digital design workaholic

“Yes, so what? So am I.” What I mean when I say “I am a workaholic” is that I am all consumed by my profession of design. My thoughts about my work run 24 hours a day through my head. I even dream solutions to work problems while I sleep. It is hard to separate myself from my work. It oozes from my thoughts all the time.
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Observation and user interaction

User interaction experts will tell you that you have to ensure that everything is at the end fingertips of the user. That certain content should be placed in a certain place otherwise the user will never find it. For me, this has always felt like dumbing down interaction rather than elevating it. Don't get me wrong I am all about not reinventing the wheel, but it is important to constantly test and re-test our stayed theories.
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Mobile devices and terrible usability

Mobile phones, specifically smart phones, have revolutionized modern day life. They allow people to perform endless tasks from anywhere. Few people can dispute this. But…  as objects that are intended
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Why Google’s Algorithm Update Matters to Your Business

As Neil Patel pointed out on Search Engine Land, “Google considers mobile to be so significant that they are working to dominate nearly all of it’s manifestations.” Android is the
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Counterspace in 2014

We hope you all had a great holiday season and an awesome New Year! Here is a look back on some highlight projects in 2014. We look forward to continued work
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