Empathy begins with understanding—the ability to step into the shoes of the end-user and perceive the world through their eyes.
Your brand should be a breathing and living reflection of your company and business. Yet, I see many clients who hold their brand guidelines as rigid set of laws that shouldn’t be broken.
The ADA topic is really heating up in the web industry and if you aren't familiar with the subject, you probably should pay attention. Level A compliance needs to be incorporated into every editorial, design, and production process. Here is how.
The rise of A.I. as a graphic design solution is igniting debate within the industry. While some hail its potential to revolutionize workflows, others express concerns about its impact on creativity and the role of human designers.
A simple tip on hiding ACF fields from the admin area of your WordPress website.
Understanding the initial problem is essential to a successful product. Whether the product is a banner advertisement, or an immersive interactive experience, there are a number of questions that will determine the outcome during the early phases of a project.
It was in the mid 1990’s, I was working at a digital design studio, the web was relatively small and I recall in a search for the next cool web thing, I landed on an intriguing landing page. It was terribly designed, (awful in fact) clearly designed by a developer, and had very little information about what it actually was.
Yesterday Apple announced it’s new bigger iPhones. The Xs, Xs Max and the Xr. In a move that continues their trend away from smaller tech, Apple just makes everything bigger.
Here is a story about how I met a reggae guitar legend, took some guitar lessons from him, and then finagled my way to design his reggae album.
A few insights into how clients and agencies can understand each other a little better, so that the process can improve and the end result is that much better.
You have used the word brand. You know what it means. Right?
I recently read an article “Everyone is a designer. Get over it. ” and it got me thinking. The statement is true, but only in part. In the same way these statements are true.