Our project process
Understanding the initial problem is essential to a successful product. Whether the product is a banner advertisement, or an immersive interactive experience, there are a number of questions that will determine the outcome during the early phases of a project.
The boredom of Facebook and bad design
It was in the mid 1990’s, I was working at a digital design studio, the web was relatively small and I recall in a search for the next cool web thing, I landed on an intriguing landing page. It was terribly designed, (awful in fact) clearly designed by a developer, and had very little information about what it actually was.
Just the phone please
Yesterday Apple announced it’s new bigger iPhones. The Xs, Xs Max and the Xr. In a move that continues their trend away from smaller tech, Apple just makes everything bigger.
Designing an album for a Reggae Guitar Legend
Here is a story about how I met a reggae guitar legend, took some guitar lessons from him, and then finagled my way to design his reggae album.
Clients are from Venus and Agencies are from Mars
A few insights into how clients and agencies can understand each other a little better, so that the process can improve and the end result is that much better.
What is a brand?
You have used the word brand. You know what it means. Right?