Just the phone please

Iphone Image

Yesterday Apple announced it’s new bigger iPhones. The Xs, Xs Max and the Xr. In a move that continues their trend away from smaller tech, Apple just makes everything bigger. It seems that innovation is fully in their rear view mirror, and with a price tag of a $1000 dollars for one model, who can blame them? They have the lion share of the market.

I am not some Apple come lately person. I can guarantee that I have been using Apple products for as long as Apple has been producing stuff. So it has been with great consideration that I have begun to turn away from Apple. Their products no longer serve my particular user needs.

Why do we need smartphones?

The Apple announcement got me thinking, and last night I dreamed of a phone. Just a phone. Why do we need all of this functionality in our pockets? Why are we obsessed with staying connected to our games and video?

Simple is better

Apple used to embody simplicity, and so I began to wonder why they do not offer a simple option. An Apple iPhone, with minimal capabilities. It could be a beautiful piece of industrial design. Small. Elegant. With non of that EMF stuff to play havoc with our health.

With glee I jumped onto my Apple iMac and surfed the internet and came up immediately with this wonderful product. The Light Phone.

This company is right on the pulse of technology, and creating products that will help people. Smartphones, in my opinion, are destroying our cultures. Yes I said destroying. Smartphones have lost their way, and I believe products like the Light Phone are the future for 2019 and beyond.