About Site Maintenance

Technology is constantly updating and improving, responding to changes in advancement, online hacking and online viruses. Our web maintenance plans are designed for flexibility, site size, traffic and complexity. ​

What does web maintenance mean?

Site Maintenance refers to maintaining the health all of your website’s software that it depends on to function optimally. Putting your site on a maintenance plan means that your site’s software will remain up to date, which is imperative to proactively preventing any unplanned disruptions to your site, including conflicts, recognition of unsupported software, security susceptibility and more. Site maintenance does not guarantee that interruptions will not happen, but it is highly effective in preventing them.

The creation and launching of a website is just the beginning of managing your online brand. Now it's time to take care of it.

What we do during your maintenance time:

We back up your website, review and update platform software, plug-ins and third party integrations to their most current versions. Each update is performed independently to test for compatibility before moving on to the next update. When all updates are done and deemed secure, updates are then pushed live. Routine inspections are performed to identify security breeches from SPAM, bots and hackers and action to remove all traces promptly. SPAM is cleared from your comments database. Routine tests are performed for on-going browser compatibility. Speed and server performance are monitored. Additionally, miscellaneous tasks are completed based on individual site requirements.

After each maintenance period, we issue a report via email for your records. The report can be sent to as many people in your organization as you wish.

Please note that variables may arise over the lifetime of a website that may require additional development budget to resolve. These items include, but are not limited to, things such as software that goes obsolete, plugins that generate incompatibility issues, or have stopped being supported by their developers. Should we discover issues such as these, we will bring these to your attention for discussion.

+ Analytics Reporting Option

Stop guessing how many users are coming to your site and what pages they are interacting with. Instead, let’s look at the real data.  Businesses rely on data to make informed decisions about the web experience they deliver to their users, and to set and increase goals. With your maintenance, we can include a custom report focused on the areas of your site that displays exactly what information you are interested in analyzing. Data reports are used for goal setting, informing layout changes, content & navigation updates, budgeting, board presentations, advertising targets, learning more about your audience, and more.

The information is out there and we can help you understand it, and use it to you reach your online business goals through easy to read, data driven reporting. 

There is a one time set up fee of $225 and then a monthly recurring fee to maintain and deliver the reports. 

Find whats right for you.

Let it be said that there is no such thing as too much maintenance. The more you care about the performance and health of your website, the more attention you should pay to it. However, no two websites are the same which is why options exist. 

Building a partnership

Our goal is to be an extension of your team and ensure your website is operating efficiently, securely and running the most recent software in a conflict fee environment so your business can thrive without unnecessary interruption. We will implement regularly scheduled updates in addition to responding to any urgent alerts, breaks or updates as needed.

In addition, clients who are on a recurring service plan will always receive top priority for new requests, consulting, and general services. 


Best for small informational websites that do not collect user data
$ 200 Monthly
  • Site Monitoring
  • Site Backup 2X per Month
  • Theme & Plugin updates

Data Reporting (Optional)

$50/ month Bespoke Google Data Studio reporting


Best for sites exceeding 10 pages and that collect & store user information. 
$ 400 Monthly
  • All Basic Features
  • Front End updates
  • Admin monitoring
  • List Item

Data Reporting (Optional)

$100/ month Bespoke Google Data Studio reporting


Recommended for complex sites collecting user information and conducting e-commerce transactions. 
$ 750 Monthly
  • Bespoke Maintenance Plan

Data Reporting (Optional)

$200/ month Bespoke Google Data Studio reporting

Custom plans

If you are unsure about what level of maintenance you need to keep your site performing optimally, we can help you decide. If one of our plans do not meet your needs, we can develop a custom plan for your site needs.


10% discounts are offered when committing to a credit card auto-payment option. Details on the agreement form. 

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