Founded in 2001, counterspace architects & designs digital solutions for projects of all sizes

Branding & Brand Development

A logo is not a brand. It is the visual representation of your brand, or the identity of your company. We create new brands and reimagine existing brands to drive products and business forward. We have worked with some of the most well known brands around the world. 

Websites & Digital

Clients often have great ideas for new digital products. We work with clients to convert those ideas into working prototypes which can save hundreds of thousands in budget, and years in project development. Our prototypes can be minimal or immersive, used to test the market, or for the RFP process.


We immerse ourselves into a clients business to develop strategies & roadmaps to guide companies &  ensure they are well positioned in their industry in the current digital landscape. We work across industries in mobile, web, advertising, product, and platform.


We are expert, award-winning designers. We understand how to make the complex, simple. We create elegant user interfaces that are timeless, and achieve results. Our designs enhance brands, build awareness, and reach target audiences. Design services include anything and everything from business card design to annual reports to complex interactive web design. 

UX & Digital Architecture

With arguably have more experience than any agency working in the digital space. Knowledge drives our success in architecting products and solutions.  We design & develop user centric digital products that meet goals. Examples include enterprise class CMS’s, Hedgefund platforms, educational games, specialized applications, and everything in between. 

User Experience

Wireframes are the tangible result of Information Architecture (IA). They are the blue prints of the final product that will come to be. We develop interactive wireframes to guide & inform the User Experience (UX) of a product, which provides insight into project details, allows innovation to germinate, and collaboration to take place between designers, technology leaders and the client.

Business Intelligence

We help our clients implement, mine, analyze and process the multitude of information that is available to measure your audience. 

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Ongoing website maintenance is of top most importance in the ever changing and evolving world of the internet. 

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