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Counterspace designs & develops best in class websites that deliver results for premier brands

Expertise & Experience

Counterspace is a leading provider of award-winning design and development services across a broad spectrum of industries and clients, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. 

Our sites don't just look good - They are good. 

We design websites that deliver meaureable results.

We use design to solve business problems and generate results. This starts by listening to the needs of the business and then developing a User Experience (UX) that meets the goals of the business or organization. The measurable results include increasing conversions, generating leads, or boosting sales.

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Our approach

Our mission is to seamlessly integrate with your team and become a positive extension of your organization. We accomplish this by working closely with the project stakeholders to gain insights into your business intricacies and understanding your goals. This allows us to equip our team with the knowledge that promotes crafting bespoke assets on your behalf, that not only align with your brand identity, but also deliver effective results.

Our clients

Our portfolio includes a diverse array of industry sectors, including fashion, marketing, finance, museums, education, entertainment, publishing, mobile, online, healthcare and more. 

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