Renewal and revival

Three easter egg illustrations side by side

Happy Easter Weekend! 

I have recently been reflecting on my school days where I attended church in a cathedral every morning, six days a week. Founded in 604A.D. the traditions were steeped in history and each year, as easter approached, the cathedral would transform from a cold and gray interior into a purple chalice of rebirth and renewal. Homilies would include teachings about “logos” (ancient greek for “the word”), and discuss rebirth and renewal. This time of year reminds of those days sitting in the pews, singing in the choir, or bell ringing in the belfry. Little did I know that “logos” or “logo” would become so central to my career. 

What does Easter have to do with design?

Easter is a time to reflect, and look at things anew, and it’s a great time to revisit one of your key weapons. Your brand.

Your brand should be a breathing and living reflection of your company and business. Yet, I see many clients who hold their brand guidelines as rigid set of laws that shouldn’t be broken. Don’t get me wrong, your brand guidelines should be treated with reverence, but they should also be reviewed and revisited on a regular basis. 

So how do you know when it’s right to make updates to your logo or brand guidelines?

Your brand emanates from your logo.

Companies tend to focus on their logo as if it is the brand itself. In truth, your brand is more about the things that surround your logo which is your marketing, your people, and your audience. Your logo is the symbol, the flag, that represents the collective thought of your company.

Instead of redesigning your logo focus on what may have changed in your business recently.

Has your target audience changed?

Revisit or re-create your target audience personas or targets. Include their location, age, employment, education level, annual income level, among others. 

Have you expanded into new markets or offerings.

Often the brand guidelines lag behind the rapid deployment of creating new products, but it is important to take the time to incorporate these products into your brand document. 

Your industry is changing. Again.

What is changing in your industry, what are your competitors doing and how does these changes affect your business. Take the time to gather insights from your competition, and evaluate how these insights impact your brand guide.

Revive your brand. 

Your logo can always use an evolution, but rarely does it need a complete overhaul. If you feel like your logo has lost some of its freshness, resist the urge to redesign the logo. Instead evolve the logo, by updating the typeface, or tweaking the brand colors. 

This easter embrace change, harness the power of a refreshed brand, and pave the path towards a prosperous future.