The rise of A.I. and design.

Depiction of an A.I. Chip on a solid background

The rise of A.I. as a graphic design solution.

Throughout my career I have been apart of, and evolved with, every change in the digital realm. Events like Y2K, technologies like the iPhone and Alexis and design trends like Web 2.0. All the rage during their time these stepping stone technologies like these litter the technology highway. 

The rise of A.I. has sparked a new debate in the studio discussing whether it spells the end of the graphic designer as we know. The younger team feel concerned that they are going to be out of a job soon… I just laugh at them and tell them anecdotes of the past. 

First, let’s dispel the idea that A.I. is some super computer that is coming for everyone’s job and will take over the world. In my opinion A.I. is misbranded super plagiarism. It is amazing, do not misunderstand me, but it is plagiarism at a very sophisticated level. Tools like ChatGPT have been harvesting content from the internet to create a data lake, a massive data lake. The people behind A.I. claim it was harvested from public sources, but what is public? I’ll let you ponder that question. 

In that respect it is a tool, a tool that needs to be learned and harnessed for your daily life. Whether that is a designer, writer, project manager or CEO, A.I. tools can help you improve the speed at which you deliver YOUR ideas. 

The art of research, and asking the right questions

“Just Google it…” is a phrase that everyone knows, and yet not everyone knows how to Google it. Typing the right questions into the search field can change the results drastically, and this principle is all more important with A.I. tools. I predict a lot of classes will be created to teach this simple principle over 2024 (they’ve already begun…)

Asking the right questions to whichever A.I. you use will drastically change the results you get, and envisioning what you want before you start asking A.I. is even more important. 

A.I. tools that we are currently exploring and having fun with…

Dragonfly AI

Dragonfly AI uses predictive visual analytics heatmapping system to provide you with a clear visual representation of user attention, enabling you to perform user experience analysis to facilitate improvements to your design.


The ever evolving DALL•E AI can create original, realistic images and art from a text description. It can combine concepts, attributes, and styles.

Creating a logo has never been so simple… at you can create hundreds of logos for your next project… but boy are they horrid. They are soulless vessels copied from the billions of logos that are fed into the A.I.… but have fun with it. At the very least you can see what not to do, or get inspired to do something better.