The Coupon Book

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Synergistic Marketing, LLC, has been delivering coupons to consumers for decades and release over one billion coupons a year! Counterspace was hired by Synergistic to create, an app, and sales tools for promotion. Couponing has a huge following, but so many of the sites can be tedious and overwhelming, so counterspace wanted to make sure The Coupon Book was easy to use- no scanning receipts or tracking purchases. The Coupon Book needed a dynamic sales tool to get the industry excited about the upcoming launch of both The Coupon Book App and, so we created a custom animation promoting both releases.

This animation included a storyboard, audio effects, and music- all made from scratch and in-house! The managing of all of these projects was certainly a challenge, but with clear communication and an organized schedule we were able to launch in sync and on time

Synergistic Marketing, LLC

User Experience, IA, Design, Branding, Product Development

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