Azurite Consulting

A research company reimagined

Azurite Consulting, a primary research company, producing and delivering the best data and direction for any business decision was looking to take their website to the next level. Their existing website was developed by internal resources, and had reached its capacity to deliver the SEO and brand goals for Azurite.

The Azurite Team liked their existing type logo, and so we first began to extend their logo into a brand. Exploring typographic solutions, colors and a photography palette we established a brand look and feel that Azurite was happy with. We leveraged the concept of research as linear points which were connected, to add depth to their brand.

The website stack was designed to allow their team to build out pages through a templated structure, and evolve their content. The integration with Hubspot allows the team to create forms and leverage the power of Hubspot as a CRM.