Open Road Media

A complete overhaul of a digital publishers brand, platform and website design

Open Road Integrated Media is an ebook publishing company founded by Jane Friedman (Formerly the CEO of HarperCollins Publishers Worldwide.)

Our CEO, Brett Yancy Collins, began consulting and then working with Open Road Media on a number of initiatives. The first initiative was to evolve the identity of the company, to better reflect the direction the company was taking.

Open Road Integrated Media is a mouthful, and so colloquially the employees call it “ORIM” for short. The identity needed to be simple, bold and elegant allowing the future brand to hold up to the variety of plans the publisher had in mind.

The logo developed below was created for the umbrella organization of Open Road Integrated Media. I utilized the “/” to infer the letter “i” and to convey the companies growing focus in online content.