Michael Harding Oil Paints

In a quest to find paint that was the same quality of the paint the Old Masters used, (think Sandro Botticelli, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt) Michael Harding began experimenting and creating his own oil paints in university. Almost as soon as he perfected his technique, demand for his paint was off the charts, and the rest they say… is history. However, the Michael Harding website did not reflect the quality or vibrancy of the physical Michael Harding product and that needed to change.

We worked with the UK based team at Michael Harding Oil Paints to create a website that captured Michael’s unique story, and the “beautiful mess” of painting and paint production. We immersed ourselves into the Michael Harding organization in order to gain a complete understanding of their current and future goals. Understanding that the initial goal was product education with a future goal of e-commerce, we were able to design a site on a platform that would be easy to evolve when they were ready to introduce online sales.
Michael Harding

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