Arcadia Publishing

Incorporating brand design into the Kentico CMS for a publisher

Arcadia Publishing Screen Shots

Many projects arrive at counterspace as so called “rescue projects.” This was certainly the case when we were approached by Welman Digital (a long time partner) who was working with Arcadia Publishing on numerous projects.

Arcadia’s website was built, and functional, but it was in need of some real usability consideration and branding.

We began by learning that the website was built upon Kentico CMS, and that it had mostly not been configured. Meaning that the site was using out of the box functionality. Which if you know Kentico is plain vanilla.

We performed a rapid wireframe creation process based upon the existing website, and then began to transform the out of the box functionality to better align with best practices for an online shopping experience.

The results were immediate. SEO improved. User engagements went higher and their conversion rates greatly improved.