Evolving a Logo

We did not develop the Adelphic logo, but it didn’t quite hold together for the CEO of the company. Counterspace was consulted to see what, if anything, could be done.

Old Adelphic Logo

The original Adelphic logo mark featured typography that felt juvenile and did not reflect the personality of the company. The logo came with a brand guide that contained usage notes detailing five typefaces that could be used with the brand. Five is simply too many typefaces for any brand, especially a new brand.

Counterspace Adelphic Logo

A single typeface family was needed to replace the five suggested brand typefaces that the previous company recommended.  We focused on finding a typeface that had some humanistic geometry and then customized the stems of the ascenders to reflect the logo mark. The typography updates created a better synergy between the logo mark itself and the organization’s name.

Extending the brand

After updating the logo, we designed Adelphic’s stationery items including business cards, letterhead and a powerpoint template.


As a mobile ad targeting company, it was essential that Adelphic had mobile ad units of their own. We designed a series of ads to be used for A/B testing,

Adaptive Web Design

Mobile user experience was a the forefront of the Adelphic design process.

Due to the nature of their business, it was essential that the site deliver itself perfectly on all devices, including legacy mobile devices. Counterspace created a design that could adapt to any screen resolution, flawlessly.[


A picture tells a thousand words, so they say. Adelphic was promoting their revolutionary technology  to various companies and partners. In order to convey their technology more easily,  counterspace designed a series of infographics that illustrated how the technology worked.


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