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Make my logo bigger

Making a client logo bigger is one of the graphic designers oldest jokes. Clients always ask to make their logos bigger. When we hear this feedback we may roll our eyes but eventually this is a change that will happen.

The question that should be asked is why do clients ask to make their logo bigger. Is it really because designers make the logo too small? As always I think we first have to assume that the designer has some talent in answering this question. So with that in mind…

When a client reviews the design layout that you have provided you have to set the stage for what they are looking at. You have to assume that they do not know what they are looking at and therefore don’t know how to react to the layout. Talk about the thought that went behind the concept, mention the research, the decisions you made to arrive at the layout. By doing this you begin to provide them insight into the the choices you have made along the way. Without this information the client can only react to things they understand such as a colour, an image or their logo placement.

We may joke about clients asking to make their logo bigger, but this is our fault. When this happens it is because we are not doing our job as designers. We have to walk the client through the thinking before they react. By describing everything that went into the design we allow the client into our world and at the same time provide them with a way to critique the layout or design armed with the correct information.

If we describe the process and the client still asks for their logo to be bigger then you may want to consider finding a new client. Sometimes clients are lost causes.