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I invented the grid

Over the last few years i have been reading about this new web innovation called a grid. Apparently its an amazing thing. It can make you a better designer. no kidding. Just add a grid and whammo! instant web designer.

Ok so that is a little tongue in cheek. But I am getting really tired of reading how the grid has revolutionized web design. Most designers, digital and traditional, have been using and teaching grids for over a hundred years. Reaching into my own memory I know for certain that the bauhaus movement in the 1920’s was all about grids and structure in design, and I am fairly sure that stone carvers have been using grids for centuries.

So why are so many looking in awe at the mention of the grid? Has “grid” it really become the new buzz word. I wonder how David Carson would speak about that right now. I could be wrong but I believe David became famous for ignoring grid and legibility. The foundation of design.

I suppose the point is that if you can package, sell, and promote anything as a new innovation in design. I wonder what the new thing will be? Perhaps Web 3.0 Flexible grid design.

But we all know that you still have to have some knowledge and restraint to create good design, with or without a grid.