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Hire a designer do it yourself

For many years I have encountered designers hired by a firm for their expertise, and during the course of the project the client slowly takes over the designing by telling the designer where to place items on the page.

Put that over there and move that there. Now move that back. Now move it there.

It usually happens slowly. At first the designer is happy to make the changes thinking they are making the client happy. Then over time the changes come faster and faster and the designer eventually recognizes the problem. The project is looking terrible and the designer tries to take the project back. Sadly it is too late. The timeline, budget and project are all compromised.

The result is complete frustration on the designers part, the clients and the end result of the project is a terrible execution. The designer blames the client. The client thinks the designer sucks and the client hires another designer to redo the project.

Sound familiar?

So I have been asking myself why is this the recurring problem? My thoughts are

1. The client is simply controlling.
2. There is so much exposure to design in culture that everyone thinks they can design because they know what a font is.
3. Previous designers who have worked for the client have done such a good job that the client thinks they actually designed it.
4. The designer isn’t able to direct the client firmly enough
5. Simple miscommunication

6. Disorganization on the designers part causes the client to get nervous that that try to lead the project.
7. Ditto for the client