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Design comes second. Maybe third

Recently I have been working with a client to create a better brand image for their online image. I helped them redesign their website which was a hodge podge of design, usability, forms and bad white space into a more sophisticated interface design that displayed their content better and provided them a new palette with which to grow.

Over the last couple of weeks I have become aware of real problems with their design consistency. As I have been working with them during this time I can safely say that the problems I am seeing are a result of their internal decision making process.

They have too many people making decisions, changing their minds, basically trying too hard with their campaigns. For instance they witnessed that the signups for a campaign weren’t going as fast as they would like, so rather than investigating how to solve this problem they made the text bigger across the site. This just made everything on the page scream at the user. Such a bad decision.

I have seen this again and again throughout the years and the solution is simple. Appoint one person within the company to own the brand and that person must be trusted to approve all of the design elements that will be placed in front of the user.