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Client Project Mistakes

There are many, many things that clients do incorrectly. Of course we as contractors are not saints either. So this will be a continuing list of items, as i recall them, or as they happen.

One of the first mistakes a client can make is bringing a designer into the creation process too late. This has a couple of causes: 1) The client doesn’t understand the role of a designer and how a designer works, perhaps as a result of dealing with a self proclaimed designer who has no idea of how to solve problems. 2) The client believes that they can handle the project internally or 3) They have already designed the site and just want a designer to make it pretty.

Designers are trained organizers of information and observers of life. Type, Color and Image are the weapons designers use to create the display of that information and solve the visual problems. The earlier a designer can be involved in the project process the better the final result will be. Why I hear you ask? The creative process is just that a process. The more information, research and content that a designer can gather along that process the more opportunities he or she will be able to see and incorporate into the final product. The earlier this occurs in a project process the more opportunities can be created, tested and viewed by the client. Making the final product that much more unique and tailored to the client.