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Changing a companies prospects through design

The before:

Spafinder came to counterspace to redesign their website after a costly overhaul by another company. The company had taken them through a very expensive process of audience testing, nomenclature and information architecture development. The process and the end result was a disaster. The website was unusable, confusing and simple ugly.

As a result spafinder was losing business. Quickly.

The After:

Counterspace was hired to fix the problem and quickly.

I tackled the design problem by investigating their current problematic website, poor design and even worse information architecture. To make matters worse the new design was constrained by technology resources in house. We could change functionality, but only if it could fit into the tech schedule.

The concept behind the design was to bring the spa feeling into the website, softer warmer colours were utilized to soften the screen and invite the audience into the page and the content. It was clear from the first presentation that SpaFinder was happier with the direction we were heading and couldn’t wait to get he new interface up live to replace their existing site.

Page by page and functionality by functionality counterspace overhauled the website to be easier to read, to reflect the industry and to help SpaFinder compete in their industry again.

The project was a success for everyone involved, and SpaFinder now had a website that reflected their goals, allowed them to engage their audience and continue to grow.

The website is managed by their internal resources today, and its easy to see where they are falling back into their old ways.