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Adobe and Macromedia

After 14 years of using applications developed by Macromedia and Adobe to apply the craft of graphic design finally CS4 has come along. Don’t get me wrong I have always liked the applications that both of these companies developed. Now that they are one company and they made their customers pay for their merger (CS3 quickly followed by CS4) I was concerned about the future of computer tools to perform our craft. But I have been really surprised by the thought and usefulness of all of the CS4  applications. They are better and actually take into consideration process and flow of the graphic design practitioner.

After years of having to spend our creativity on workarounds and learning curves the Adobe applications have finally arrived. Apparently it takes over 15 years to get it right. Think about that for a while, I have been. It has taken an application giant 15 years to get applications right. So that means that in another 8 years HTML will finally get it right, it still is a mess of development tools and languages. Not to mention the number of workarounds and fixes.

Congratulations Adobe, great job. Microsoft still hasn’t gotten it right and Apple is getting close to perfection, and the web is well not quite right. But we are getting there. Slowly.