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10 fonts to start your design career

There are so many typefaces out there today. More than I can conceive. And the reality is that most of these typefaces are either bad knockoffs of well established typefaces, or poorly created typefaces by amateur designers or self proclaimed type designers.

The world of typography truly is a hard place to navigate. And its getting worse, not better.

At the beginning of my career my professors instructed us to pick no more than 10 typefaces and become intimately familiar with each ones characteristics and nuances. Listed below are the ten that I started with. They are timeless and beautiful, each with their own uses and applications.
1. Baskerville

2. Helvetica

3. Sabon

4. Cooper Black

5. Rockwell

6. Franklin Gothic

7. Trade Gothic

8. Perpetua

9. Palatino

10. Zapf Dingbats