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Websites all look the same

Clients all tend to say the same thing… I really like this website, or I like what this site is doing. So I have been asking myself for some time why is it that so many clients copy each other’s website rather than creating a unique experience from their own content.

Copying other companies website’s has the adverse affect. Firstly, client’s are admitting that they are not leaders in their industry. By copying other companies functionality or design cues they are automatically second. As a result their mindset is always in catch up mode.

Second, the client is always behind in thinking for the future. By trying to replicate what another company has already accomplished the client is thinking in the past rather than the future.

Lastly, the client does not understand their own content. By trying to copy other companies  accomplishments they continue to try to fit their own content into the format of their rival’s site. The expected result is that it doesn’t fit and they end up making a mess of their site trying to fit it into the other format.

So few client’s are willing to spend the time to create a website that reflect’s their product and more importantly a product that speaks to their target audience.

If you spend some time looking at products, cars, mobile phones you will be able to clearly see who is designing for the future and who is following. In my opinion the reason the US car companies have suffered is because of a lack of forward thinking, and rather an lot of following the competition.