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We speak two languages

For generations designers, all types of designers, complain that their client’s do not understand the work they do. I recently read this article posted on Smashing Magazine.  The article displays a series of posters designed by designers visualizing their ‘favorite’ client feedback.

To be honest, I see these types of visualizations every couple of years. In the design community it makes us feel good that we aren’t the only one’s hearing this type of feedback.

After reading through the article, smiling and commiserating a little, it occurred to me that perhaps this is OUR problem and not completely the client’s fault. When a client walks through the door, calls or emails we assume they know what it is a designer does. After all, they are contacting us. They must know why they are calling us and not going to another designer. Right?

Unfortunately, client’s often do not know what a trained graphic designer actually does. Each client arrives at our company with their own unique history of dealing with designers and it is our job to listen to the client and find out what they believe they are asking us for.