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Project and Account managers watering down your design?

You put out your RFP. You interview and you sort through all of the proposals. You spend hours researching and figuring which agency is going to be the best fit for you business. After months of work, meetings, phone calls and arguments your new brand rolls out.

To lackluster fanfare.

The agency you hired has no idea what went wrong. You have no idea what went wrong. There are no awards coming for this work. And you begin writing another RFP to fix what went wrong.

It is a vicious cycle. I have witnessed this countless times. So what is the problem? Is it you? Did you select the wrong agency?

The problem lies with project and account managers and account executives (A bold statement that is going to upset a lot of people I know.) Agencies flaunt their design talent, their process and their client lists. They don’t talk about their project managers.

Project and Account managers are needed. They help keep projects on track, on budget and on vision. What they do and how they do it affects the project in more ways than you can imagine.