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Google Web Fonts

So it didn’t take long for Google to throw their hat in the ring for a Web Font API to compete with the likes of Typekit and

It is a welcome addition. After reviewing the font offerings for both typekit and Google fonts I have to say what are they thinking? Does anyone actually consult with a typographer or even a designer? The fonts they offer are equivalent to the 1000 free fonts you can buy in the mac store.

The goal of making typography better online and offering an easier way to get different styles up online is a noble one. Since movable type was invented we always strive to improve the way we communicate through the written word.

But really Google? I’m glad it’s a free service. But can just imagine the ugly that will be displayed through your free typefaces in the coming months. Hopefully in the coming months you will actually add some useful typefaces. And I don’t mean Hobo. (Those who know will understand that dig)

Any serious designer wanting to try out web fonts should review the web fonts offering. Here you will find the best typefaces.