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Code Agnosticism

Code is the lifeline of a website. It is what enables your browser to display your website correctly and how websites, or networks, communicate with each other. Most people never see the code of a website and when they do, the code often appears to look like a foreign language. In fact, it is a language. A computer language.

Counterspace focuses on the design and functionality of websites. We solve visual problems by designing workflows, creating information design and extending brands. We are visual designers first. But to make our designs ‘work’ they need to be coded. At Counterspace, our designs are code agnostic, which means that our designs can be built onto any code base.

Our choice for this phrase is based upon extensive experience of almost two decades of hands on experience. Over the years we have designed websites that were coded on platforms using .NET, ASP, JSP, PHP, Actionscript, PERL and even Javascript- to name a few. We learned early on that most clients and users do not really care how a website is built as long as A) It works B) It looks great and C) They make a return on investment. There are of course some notable exceptions to these rules that include clients who are looking have something coded into their existing code base or framework.

We do not sell platforms, maintain code bases or have partnerships with companies that perform these tasks. Counterspace focuses on graphic design, usability and information architecture. How we execute the final product depends upon the client’s existing infrastructure, platform(s), target audience, technologies utilized and budget. These decisions are client and project specific. Our goal for any project is to select which platform or technology will work best for the project.