Michael Harding Oil Paints

Capturing the beauty and vibrancy of oil paints

In a quest to find paint that was the same quality as what the Old Masters used (think Sandro Botticelli, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt) Michael Harding began experimenting and creating his own paints. Almost as soon as he perfected his technique, demand for his paint was off the charts, and the rest they say…is history.

We worked with Michael Harding Oil Paints to create a website that captured Michael’s unique story and the “beautiful messiness” of painting and paint production. Through improved UX and a design that reflected his story and paints we made it easier for artists to learn about the paints and find all of the painting resources that Michael makes available.

Divorce Dating

Designing a dating app for grownups

Many divorcees find getting back on the dating scene a daunting experience. But divorce lawyer and star of the Bravo TV series Untying the Knot, Vikki Ziegler, believes that divorcees can build confidence, connect and find friendship, or love,  again and it can be better than ever! Vikki wanted to help divorcees get back into the dating game so together, we created Divorce Dating- the app.

From the initial, immersive 2 week discovery phase, through the UX/UI development and into the branding and design, we worked closely with Vikki to make her dream of a community for divorcees a reality. Our teams joined together to celebrate at the launch party, hosted by Bravo, marking the end of one Counterspace journey with Vikki Ziegler and her team, and the beginning of another- creating the Divorce Dating website.





Scientific American: Future of Transportation

Future of Transportation

Designing a dating app for grownups

Scientific American Custom Media division presents dynamic coverage of some of the most exciting innovation trends in transportation in this first-in-series supplement on aviation.


The Memory Project

Capturing the creative energy of a Holocaust remembrance workshop

The Memory Project brings participants inside the creative process and into the memories of a Holocaust survivor. It began with artist Roz Jacobs and her mother Anna sharing their story of Anna’s younger brother, Kalman. It’s developed into an internationally-recognized project addressing universal themes of loss, love and resilience. The Memory Project includes traveling museum exhibits, educational programs and documentary films. We gave The Memory Project a more modern, artistic look and implemented a a portrait gallery where visitors can view remembrance portraits created by Memory Project participants from around the world in order to share stories of people affected by the Holocaust.
Memory Project Holocaust Remembrance Project