Designing a dating app for grownups

Many divorcees find getting back on the dating scene a daunting experience. But divorce lawyer and star of the Bravo TV series Untying the Knot, Vikki Ziegler, believes that divorcees can build confidence, connect and find friendship, or love,  again and it can be better than ever! Vikki wanted to help divorcees get back into the dating game so together, we created Divorce Dating- the app.

From the initial, immersive 2 week discovery phase, through the UX/UI development and into the branding and design, we worked closely with Vikki to make her dream of a community for divorcees a reality. Our teams joined together to celebrate at the launch party, hosted by Bravo, marking the end of one Counterspace journey with Vikki Ziegler and her team, and the beginning of another- creating the Divorce Dating website.





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