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Updating interface design within existing technology


Spafinder, a client we had worked with in the past, was ready for a web update. Working within the technical construction restraints of the existing website, we were asked to update their navigation, search feature and revise the search results pages.

We improved the existing iconography that was created by another company by recreating them in vector format and adding additional icons to complete the set. We reworked the navigation, made typography updates, layout changes and updated the imagery.

Having to work within technology restraints can be challenging to a designer who doesn’t understand the backend technology requirements. Counterpsace is unique in their ability to understand a multitude of technologies allowing us to speak directly with the tech team. The two are often seen as separate when in fact, they are dependent upon each other. The ability to have a designer create designs specific to the tech specs, results in a well designed, properly functioning website.

The coding, which was tackled internally by SpaFinder, was completed using HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. This resulted in a much faster load time and page ratings increased on search engines.