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Open Road Integrated Media

Open Road Integrated Media

Evolving a website to be responsive

Open Road Integrated Media is a digital publishing and multimedia content company. Founded and led by Jane Friedman, a highly respected and accomplished individual in the publishing world, Open Road has taken the publishing world by storm.

Open Road wanted to take their online presence to the next level by updating their website design to become a responsive site. A responsive website adjusts it’s layout to the device that it is viewed on. We also updated the website layouts to allow for their growing content, catalog, authors and their unique Open Road produced movies. During phase I of the project, counterspace created a custom video flash player to play their movies, but with the emerging need to view sites on mobile devices responsive design was needed. A new custom HTML5 video player was coded by Sage webworks for implementation across the website.

We designed the new layouts to be Open Road Media branded, while updating buttons, headers and typographic styles. Centered around the video player that displays the Open Road movies, and utilized elegant typography that extended from the Open Road identity, the responsive layouts allow Open Road’s content to reach more consumers.