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Its been fourteen years

While many of my friends, colleagues and fellow designers have spent much of the last 5 years + blogging, reading and interacting online, I have, well, not. Don’t get me wrong I have always toyed with the concept of creating a blog that captures my thoughts about the business of design. Every time I sat down and attempted to  create a blog for myself I found myself stuck.

I find it so much simpler to create for my clients. It seems as though designing to solve someone else’s problem allows me to focus and see more clearly. Working for myself gets muddy really quickly. There are so many avenues to explore, things to understand and questions to answer. Before you know it I am staring at a blank photoshop file with a blank mind.

So finally after 14 years of sitting and watching I have created a blog. The purpose of which isn’t so clear as I write my first post, but at least I made it past the blank screen this time.