redesigning a content heavy website


HarperCollins is a publishing company offering websites for many of their publishing divisions. HarperCollins Avon is a website featuring Harper’s Romance publishings focusing on the authors themselves, as well as the books. Having worked with counterspace on several other projects, HarperCollins asked counterspace to produce the information architecture (IA) for the site and then create an interface design to be handed off to their in-house technology team.

The challenge with this project was the amount of content that needed to be accommodated. The end result was a bold and fluid site that accommodated the large volume of information and reflective of their strong brand.

To our disappointment, the site still hasn’t launched. Our end of the project was considered successful by both parties. So what happened? We’re not certain. Our best guess is that they had an internal hiccup that prevented the new site from going live.

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