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Do You Viv

Do You Viv

Designing a website utilizing a preexisting logo


Viv is a California company whose goal is to encourage and assist companies in going green. The goal of this site is to inform new site visitors and potential clients about how to ‘viv.’ The site would explain the goals of ‘viving’ and how to become a part of their effort by leading them through a membership process. The site was the company’s leading marketing tool and needed to accomplish many things while letting the personality of the business shine through- simple, fun, hip and eco friendly.

We had a single, but challenging design constraint on this project. We had to create website that complemented an existing and powerful logo. And so we did!

Two weeks after launch we received this note, “All of you should know that every day we get someone saying “your site looks awesome… if not several people each day.”

Four months later we received another note. “Things have been moving along really well over here. We have over 70 businesses running the program with us, and many have already started making some cool eco-friendly changes.”

Viv is a company taking action to protect our environment and we were excited to be a positive part of their success. After all, their success is to benefit all of us. Thanks Viv!