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Design & Technology

Utilize our 20 years of digital experience we can help your teams speed up their projects, update or change their processes, improve the ROI or reduce your budgets.

Why is my team not executing on the ideas? Where should I focus my resources? How are other companies solving digital problems? How much money should I dedicate? When you want to create change within your organization it can become overwhelming.

Having some outside perspective can change your business almost overnight. With over two decades of digital experience solving and creating products for Fortune 100 companies, Startups, Non–profits we can jump right in and help.


Is your website designer taking too long to deliver? Is the design of the site not what you wanted? Are you generally uneasy about how the website is being constructed? Counterspace can evaluate your website project, existing website or your RFP and provide you with concrete direction and drive your project forward.


It’ll take two weeks. Sound familiar? Counterspace is code agnostic and has worked with,  and led, technology teams in .Net, PHP, ASP, JS and Actionscript. We understand the limitations and how to change how your tech team works.

Team Training

Unhappy with the design work your in-house designers are producing? Counterspace will work with your in-house designers to re-charge them and change how they tackle your projects. Increasing their productivity and design level.

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