Taking a project from start to finish…from a distance


ComputerTel is a telecommunications specialist focusing on solutions for call recording, employee appraisal software, speech analytics, call handling and performance management solutions. ComputerTel is based just outside of London, England and we are in New York, so we worked together via telephone and Skype for the entire project and it was a successful endeavor.

Their website as a whole was outdated and not user friendly. Each page contained too much text, too many links and lacked a well thought out navigation. As a result, the internal management of the site’s content was difficult to maintain and update, which led to more and more pages being created than were needed and internal frustration with managing the site.

Counterspace took ComputerTel from start to finish; Sitemap creation, information architecture, content development, design, programming, training and launch. We developed a user friendly and simplified navigation system by consolidating the number of pages into easy to understand sections, we assisted with nomenclature choices for each section, created an updated and professional interface design by extending some of their existing brand elements and utilized reflective imagery and a simple typographic system for each page. We then programmed the new site on wordpress, an open source content management system or CMS, which is known for its easy to use backend. The simple CMS allows the internal ComputerTel team to update their content easily and quickly. We trained the core staff on how to use the new CMS and they have had great success with their new site.

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