Branding Mistakes

Evolve your design
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Common Brand Mistakes

Let’s clear up a few things about branding

Your logo is not your brand

Your logo is the visual representation of your brand, it is not your brand. It is, however, the mark that your users will associate with your product or company.

Brands should evolve

A brand needs to be flexible, and adapt to new products or emerging technologies. Always be proactive and update your brand not necessarily your logo.

What is your core message?

Defining your brand core promise and reinforcing it is essential to building your brand. Your brand can not be everything to everyone.

Internal Politics

Is there strife in your company? Internal politics and organizational dysfunction lead to brand and customer service dysfunction.

A top down problem?

Often the CEO and leadership team do not understand brand management and have no idea how to support it, and that’s ok, they have other concerns. Working together internally is essential to brand success.

The Cliché Problem

Are you stating unsubstantiated, meaningless points of difference such as, the we are the business leader or the service leader or the innovation leader or, worst of all, just the leader.

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