Adaptive redesign

Adelphic, a mobile and cross-device demand side platform based in Boston, MA, wanted to re-design their website to display their updated branding and take advantage of adaptive technology for mobile devices.

The Adelphic story, a company on the cutting edge of mobile technology, is just beginning. The mobile industry is expanding faster than any other in history. Every day new technologies are emerging onto the landscape, each with their own life span, and change the direction of this ever changing industry.

Counterspace had already assisted Adelphic to update their typography within their brand and create a number of graphic visualizations of their technology process and their website was the next design challenge. We began by listening to the Adelphic talk about their companies goals, their competition and what they wanted their website to do for their company. The end result is a website that integrates with a number of technologies and tells the unique story of Adelphic.

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