We hope you all had a great holiday season and an awesome New Year! Here is a look back on some highlight projects in 2014. We look forward to continued work in digital strategy, design and innovation in 2015.


The localization of a Holocaust memorial site, The Memory Project, was redesigned to capture the creative energy of the drawing workshop they host for children around the world.

Online Advertising

We drove thousands of users to Akamai’s Winter Olympic Campaign. Have you ever used Netflix? They are the ones who make that happen!  Akamai is the leading cloud platform for delivering secure, high-performing user experiences to any device, anywhere- they basically are the internet.


We saved Netseer, a company specializing in search optimization, thousands of dollars in stock photos with a stroke of creative genius!


We continue to help our client, Diono, expand their sales across the globe and become the leader in car seats and child safety. They have some seriously heavy duty seats.


Our client, The Coupon Book, needed a dynamic sales tool to get the industry excited about the upcoming launch of The Coupon Book 2.0. This custom animation included a storyboard, audio, and music- all made from scratch and in-house!

Single Page Websites

This small site let users explore and understand the PunchPro application before it was finished. This app is still under development, more to come this year!


Counterspace helped relaunch Adelphic’s website, a mobile and cross-device demand side platform that is now backed by Google Ventures and has a partnership with Apple- we think that’s a pretty big deal.


By creating an e-commerce for 2000+ ALFA products, an importer and master distributor of food preparation equipment,  we helped them achieve their best year in sales so far! They sell an 140 Quart Mixer- that’s 26,880 teaspoons, or 35 gallons! They are not messing around.


The website for Organize Yourself was designed by us 10 years ago, and needless to say technology has rapidly changed since then! The website still served the company’s needs, but it was time for a makeover.


Serendipity Magazine had us create an event page for their annual Greenwich Wine and Food Festival, which has hundreds of vendors, celebrity chef appearances, and musical performances by The Bacon Brothers and The Marshall Tucker Band. Food, Wine, Music and Free Stuff? Of course we attended this awesome event!