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Why do you want a website?

Websites have evolved so much in the last 10 years. In fact, no other form of communication has grown this fast in known history. Every month technology improves, users become more informed and increased bandwidth and storage has made all things possible.

Everyone wants a website, every company must have one. A website is the first line of communication for anyone.

But what kind of website is right for your company?

One page website
Yes, it’s true, your company could have a one page website that provides all of the information about your company to your users, looks great and can provide all of the SEO your company will ever need. I recommend this type of website to small business’s who have a small multi-tasking staff who are already stretched too thin. Remember, the larger your website the more time it will take to manage, update and require resources and time to maintain.

Small website 2-6 pages
This type of site is ideal for small to mid size companies who can have staff work part time to manage and update their website. Not only is the time required just to manage the website itself, but also create and execute strategies for the website as an extension of your company.

Medium website 6-15 pages
Websites of this size should be used for businesses that are selling services that require detailed information, or selling products online. This size website will need to have a team of staff members dedicated to keeping it up to date, creating a strategy, managing products, and reaching out to its target audiences on a daily basis.

Large website 15-30 pages
This site can be used by large companies who have detailed information to their target audience, by online businesses who are selling products to their target audience or information companies who are publishing content on a daily basis. This website requires a dedicated staff who not only mange the content, but are actively seeking opportunities to grow revenue through the online avenue.

Enterprise 30+ pages
A website in this range requires a staff of 5-30 to maintain and manage. This size website is a business of it’s own requiring specialists at all of levels.