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Sustainability Animation

Sustainability Animation

The sustainability initiative is a core program for Akamai. Akamai employees are instructed on sustainability and what it means to Akamai and its business.

Counterspace converted the existing presentation, built in PPT, into a full length animation to replace the presentation. The length of the animation was to be dictated by the recorded voice-over for the presentation, which at over 10 minutes, is a long animation. Typical animations are under 2 minutes in length.

We began by creating a series of scene by scene sketches based upon the script provided. These were presented to the client as proof of style and concept. We then converted the sketches into the vector illustrations for implementation into the animation.

The deadline for this project was very tight and Akamai needed the first pass be ready within a short timeframe in order to gain internal approvals for the overall look and feel. We created the animation for HD and delivered it in various sizes for playback on mobile and devices.