Arcadia Publishing Website Evolution



Interface Design

Usability (UX)

Arcadia publishes unique community driven books, that offer a curbside view of hometown history

Sometimes the problem does not require a completely new website, but incremental iterations to the design and clearer usability. Arcadia’s website was just one of those projects. 

Arcadia Publishing Website example

We began by analyzing the existing website design, backend CMS (Content Management System), and the build out of the components. 

After reviewing we quickly iterated a set of simplified wireframes, identifying all of the content and functionality.

Arcadia Wireframe

The Arcadia Brand, while growing a strong offline presence, was not implemented online. Our goal with the design was to capture the brand essence while not touching any other backend coding. 

Mobile Movie Trailers

With the explosion of bandwidth and mobile devices, movie studios couldn’t wait to get their movie trailers online. I worked some expert mobile developers to take a different look at movie trailer UX and design.

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Faster Forward

After working with Akamai for more than 6 years, evolving their logo, designing their NOC room screens and creating on and offline advertising I was creating designs that led their marketing across multiple channels.

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