Arcadia Publishing Website Evolution

DELIVERABLES Branding Interface Design Usability (UX) Arcadia publishes unique community driven books, that offer a curbside view of hometown history Sometimes the problem does not require a completely new website, but incremental iterations to the design and clearer usability. Arcadia’s website was just one of those projects.  We began by analyzing the existing website design, […]

The boredom of Facebook and bad design

Facebook Homepage

It was in the mid 1990’s, I was working at a digital design studio, the web was relatively small and I recall in a search for the next cool web thing, I landed on an intriguing landing page. It was terribly designed, (awful in fact) clearly designed by a developer, and had very little information about what it actually was.

Just the phone please

Dumb Phone

Yesterday Apple announced it’s new bigger iPhones. The Xs, Xs Max and the Xr. In a move that continues their trend away from smaller tech, Apple just makes everything bigger.