Akamai Logo Evolution

Akamai is the leading cloud platform for delivering secure, high-performing user experiences to any device, anywhere. Their logo mark and logo type have been a part of the company since the beginning. At a glance, the waves of the logo appeared to work but in larger formats the flaws in the curves of the waves became apparent.

Counterspace has worked with the Akamai logo for a number of years and after applying the logo across different mediums, counterspace proposed updating the blue waves (or the logo mark) of the Akamai logo in order to ensure it could be utilized in any format.

Rather than proposing an identity re-design, counterspace proposed evolving the waves of the logo mark. We felt that updating only the waves would allow the logo to be more flexible and would not involve a larger rebranding effort across Akamai’s various marketing materials.

Our design goals were

  1. Improve the size relationship or visual weight of the wave compared to the word mark.
  2. Improve irregular shape of the waves.
  3. Improve the waves so that they could be used separate from the word mark.
  4. Improve the readability of the waves at small sizes.
  5. Simplify the waves.